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Saddle Fitting

Did you know that Correct Saddle Fitting is one of the Hardest things for Horse Owners?

Did you know that Saddle's and Humans are sitting on the Horse's Central Nervous System?

Did you know the different ways Horses try to tell us they are in Pain?

Did you know that Bucking, Biting, Kicking, Rearing, Running Away, Pawing, Agitation, Head Tossing, Not taking Lead, Rushing down hill, Not wanting to Back, ect are all signs of Bad Fitting Saddle?

Did you know that ALL of your Tack needs to be fitted properly and can cause Pain resulting in behavioral Issues?

*I am an Independent Saddle Fitter & do Not Represent a Saddle Manufacturer
Therefore I am NOT trying to sell you a Saddle 


I teach you how to 
Learn; how your horse will tell you if the saddle is not fitting properly & causing pain.

Saddle Fitting by visually assessing angles, placement & balance

Saddle Fitting by physically feeling the pressure of contact between horse & saddle & rider
To find perfect Saddle Fit see page "Innovative Equine Impressions"
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