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Innovative Equine

Having difficulty finding a Saddle to fit your Horse?

You can't bring your Horse to the Tack shop BUT you can bring the next best thing....
an Impression of your Horse's Back!


Technology to the Rescue
3D Scan of your horse's back where the Saddle goes.
3D Print of your Horse's back (impression)
Take Impression to Tack Store to match up new Saddle
(put the impression on stand and try new saddle right on top)
Shoulder area will be obvious if it matches up or not 

As a Saddle Fitter &  Equine Sport Massage Therapist the most damage I have seen from an ill fitting Saddle on a Horse's back is the shoulder/wither area.
The Impression will allow you to perfectly match up a saddle to your Horse's shoulder area.

diego with red impression 2.jpg
Scan of this Horse's back fits perfect
diegos saddlle with red impression 1.jpg
Custom Saddle on Impression fits perfect
cisco with red impression 2.jpg
Scan not for this Horse obviously does not fit
english saddle with red impression 1.jpg
english saddle with red impression 2.jpg
Different saddle obviously does Not fit Impression

As a Certified Equine Sport Massage Therapist & Saddle Fitter for over 23 years it took time to create & develop this product to help Humans & their Horses for the proper Saddle Fit.
I was fortunate enough to team up with a 3D Scan & Print expert who also happens to be a Certified Prosthetist!  
So applying both of our expertise we are happy to offer this product to Horse owners to take their custom 3D Impression of their Horse's back to a Tack shop and place saddles directly on it to match up the fit.

IEI final logo i hope.jpg
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