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Animal Communication
Human Help

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They talk to us in so many different ways, we just need to listen.

Through their body language, with their thoughts along with their actions.

Animals are extremely intelligent spiritual creatures that rely on nonverbal communication.

As a child it was normal for me to hear & understand the animals I was connected to.

My desire has always been to help Horses (pets) & Humans understand each other better.

Using any method possible

Join me in an amazing experience....
Human Help
There is much that happens in the world we cannot see.  The Interaction &Communication 
goes beyond the scope of Animals as we are all a part of Creation.  Boundaries are unknown so Guidance is available without Judgement.  Whatever you need is usually available if you just ask......
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*I know many pets and human psychics and Anita wins the Gold.  She is very exact & detailed with what she sees-she validated all that spirit was taking me through in my life-calling without her knowing anything about me.  

With pets, I have seen her sharing messages from Horses, Dogs & Cats that she gets, even waking her from sleep.  When she tells my friend about her Horses she shares exactly what is happening and in great detail.  For example; Anita texted my friend at night to go check on her horses because they were telling her something was wrong so they went out to the barn and sure enough it turns out they forgot about a horse and left it tied.

I believe you will find instant solutions with Anita
Sammy Trith
*Anita has worked with me after I got my 2 new kittens and communication happens very rapidly and is able to tell me personal things through my kittens.  She helped one with an eating disorder and is able to interpret for all of us.  I highly recommend her, she has amazing abilities.
Linda, NY
* Let me start by saying I am a big skeptic, but i/m open minded and that has changed because of the insight of Anita.  I heard stories repeated to me about Anita with her ability to communicate with dogs and the problems that got solved, and the enlightenment it brought to some owners.  I had an issue with 2 of my Horses, and I know that she worked with Horses before & I said to myself well why not give it a try?  Anita came to my farm and met my 2 Horses that I have one of which had behavioral issues.  She was able to give me insight as to what this horse was saying to me.  He is a retired horse just living out his days but she opened my eyes to what i believe he truly felt.  My attitude to this horse had greatly changed, and I feel that was my horse's behavior towards me has changed.  The most remarkable thing that absolutely floored me was another horse in the barn, a middle aged all white Tennessee Walker.  I had traveled 3 states away to bring him back to the farm where he proved to be an incredible trail horse with a very strong personality.  But there was something not right with him, we had 3 different vets look at him and treated him with everything from EPM ,  He had difficulties eating and having weak hind quarters, he did not have behavioral issues.  When Anita looked at him she told me he had something going on with his upper jaw far back, she said something just wasn't right.  I had an Equine Dentist look at him and couldn't find anything wrong.   2 months later we had to bring him to Cornell University Equine Hospital.  He was diagnosed with neurological issues that did not allow him to swallow properly and would cause choke.  He succumbed to significant pneumonia and the necropsy report found a tumor on his cerebellum.  I hear stories from other horse people about Anita's abilities and find myself becoming a believer.
Joe A.
*One day I called Anita to understand why my horse would not go down a certain trail and just stopped and refused to go.  My Horse told her that she was protecting me from danger, and it had to do with snakes.  The day before my husband had seen a 7-foot Rattlesnake in that same spot!  Shortly after I had gotten this horse, she told Anita that her body was sick and hurting & promised that she would ride better after she got treatment.  I had the vet come check her even though to the eye she looked healthy, and it turns out she was loaded with parasites, had Lyme disease and ulcers.  After she was treated for all of those, she rides beautiful as promised.  Thank you, Anita, for helping me understand my horse.  Another time we were trying many different saddles to see which one would fit and she told Anita she would let us know which one she liked, and she bucked for all of them but the one she liked.
Pat  R.
* Anita saved my old dogs life.  It was a hot summer day & my dog was just mopey & laying around all day, not acting right.  I contacted Anita and she said that it was "Water", At first I didn't get it because I had one of those self-watering systems for the dogs.  I couldn't tell that it was empty, my dog did not know how to tell me she was dehydrated, Anita saved her.
My other young dog Zeke was proving impossible to house train, I even consulted with a professional dog trainer.  I contacted Anita and she had a conversation with him about the importance of going outside.  Overnight he changed his ways and now goes outside.  Prior to the conversation with Anita I struggled with this for a year.
Richard  W.
* Anita got in touch with my gelding several times- when he was alive and after he had passed.  When she had met him the first time she kept saying there was something wrong way back in his head, nothing was wrong with his teeth.  Fast forward sadly we had to euthanize him at Cornell, I had a necropsy done and to our surprise they found a brain tumor that sat on his cerebellum exerting pressure & causing a few unexplained symptoms that showed up randomly during the short 10 months that I have owned him.  Even though we did not find it while he was alive - Anita had been spot on saying there was something in the back of his head, nobody ever thought of a brain tumor.  He was even check out by 3 different vets.
Anita also got in touch with my gelding after he had passed on and she told me numerous things that were spot on- that really made me a believer that he was reaching out to her.  Alot of things that he was communicating to her She could have never known and besides all that she is a pleasure to talk to and really enjoy her personality.  She is wonderful with horses, and it is so interesting & fascinating how they interact with her!
Tina H.
* Anita was invaluable in helping me understand what my horse was experiencing and how to help him.  She helped me find out where he was feeling pain with his saddle and what would be best.  She also gave me insight into what was causing him distress at our farm.  I would wholeheartedly recommend her to anyone who wants to connect better with their horse!
Dana   Oneonta, NY
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